Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I am at my parent's again - for a brief period to check things out. :) I am sorry I cannot keep up-to-date on people's blogs...it kills me!!

I am hoping to order a new hard drive tonight or tomorrow though, so I should be back soon. Thanks for all your kindness and support, and I promise when my computer is up and running I will be back to read everyone's and catch up!

My new job...it's going okay for now. I don't know much - I have to attend a lot of training next week and at the end of this week. Also, I don't do well with change and am having a hard time. I do not feel like I am fitting in (normal) and feel a little depressed. But that is how I always am about change...I know that about myself.

I promise to expand when I can write longer. This sucks!! Please don't kick me out of Cuntface; I will write and catch up as soon as I have my own computer! I think my parents just seeing the word CUNTFACE on their computer would freak them out!

I'll be back soon!! Keep me in your thoughts! Please don't forget me!! I will expand soon. Miss all of you cyber people. :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

No computer

I have a bit more of bad news for you all. My computer, as I was mentioning before, has taken a turn for the worse. My dad told me it was "sick.." He said it was "very unhealthy." That's funny, isn't it? It made me sad actually, to hear that my hard drive was sick. In fact, it is so sick that it no longer works.

It crashed and my dad's friend/co-worker was able to relieve it for a little for us to pull off all my hard written documents, almost 300 to be exact!, and all of my photos. So I have no way to write to you all.

I am at my parent's right now, and I will be able to come over and update you every couple days and check my email and all that. But I am starting my new job tomorrow so I will not be able to spend hours on Blogger like I was able to at my old job. Perhaps eventually, but not yet. :) I wanted to let everyone know.

Eventually, hopefully soon, I will buy a new hard drive and replace my old one and be able to have access 24/7 but right now, I am stuck in this craphole of not having access to the Internet at home.

Anyways, it is really sad for me - I love my computer. But my parent's computer is in the basement, and a centipede just fell from the ceiling and I am not about to stay down here any longer.

Wish me luck tomorrow!