Thursday, August 16, 2007

News from beyond

Some surprising and exciting news! The phone rang yesterday morning before 9 - hah, needless to say I was sound asleep. The number looked like the future employer that I have been so hoping to work for. Remember that interview I had?

Well, they called a couple days ago, wanting another reference. To be quite honest, I had thought they were not interested in me. But when I listened to my message, (yikes! roaming) she offered me the job! Yes, I got the job! I cannot even tell you how excited I was, am! I have waited a year for a social work job. I have been waiting forever for one.

I jumped up and down and screamed, and then...I realized that when I get back from vacation I am going to have to quit my current job. This actually saddens me because everyone there is like a tight knit group of family or friends. And my friend, the one I have mentioned in the past two posts, works there as well and I will no longer get to see her every day. Or make fun of people every day. Hah.

I know that my boss, the owner, has no clue whatsoever that I am thinking of leaving. The last time I mentioned it was when my manager was being a real Satanic whore and he said that I was just emotional and was probably "on my period." Yeah, he's that kind of guy. Either way, I am going to have to break the news to him when I return and this is not that fun of a thing to think about when I am on vacation.

I am super excited though! This job is going to kick butt - tuition reimbursement (to get my master's!), paid vacations, benefits after one month, and flexible hours. Yes, basically a normal job. But the job I have now is a small company that is just starting to offer insurance. They do not have paid vacations, or tuition reimbursement. The sad part about that is though - the job I have now was going to pay for my insurance entirely.

The excitement of the new job has not worn off entirely though - I am still out of my freakin' mind excited for this and all the possibilities that lay ahead. I am finally in my field. I am finally doing what I have longed to do.

So that is my post from Florida. :) Exciting news on vacation!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well after a long hectic day of flying and driving, I am finally here - Florida! I cannot guarantee I will be on every day to chat and talk. We brought the laptop in case we are bored, or in case we need to find something to do around here.

I am tired and stressed out. We got into the condo and our room had not even been cleaned! I do not know where we will sleep tonight. Sleeping on someone else's nastiness is NOT appealing to me in the least.

Also, I am homesick. I am a huge dork, but I have always been like this. I am sorry for my dear husband, but that is just the way I am. Hopefully I will snap out of it by tomorrow. Anyways - that was just a quick update! Try to check in more later!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The next phase

That friend from the previous post has sunk out of the "I don't care" phase and entered the phase of crying, depression, and not caring about anything else.

She didn't come to work today and when I talked to her she told me that she had been having a horrible two weeks and simply needed a day to cry. So that's what she was going to do. She is really my greatest friend right now but this guy is no good for her.
She works with me (who doesn't??:)) and has missed days already for completely unprofessional reasons and treated the "missing days" like trivial things. I know that if I were not so close to her, I would recommend her *ss get fired! Not because I am Satan, but it really is completely wrong what she has been doing.

That's a different post. This post is about my feelings about this guy. I have hung out with him and her and I think he is awesome. I can see how he would cheat though. He is extremely flirtatious, touching me and flirting with me in front of Chris, in front of my friend. But I did not picture him as someone who would go beyond that simple harmless touching flirty thing. And now, the question is not whether he did or not. Actually, it is no longer a question. He lied.

He lied to her. And if a guy is going to mess you up this much, enough to make you sit at home alone and cry all day when she should be making money to support her and her son, he is a loser.

She tells me how he comes over every morning before work (he is in a Huber facility) and bangs on the door until she lets him in. Why, I say? Why? You said you were going to leave him alone, not talk to him or anything until you figured out what you wanted to do. She said that if she does not get the door, he will not stop banging on it and it is embarrassing to her. Well then call the cops. I know she loves him.

But the picture she is painting is not looking good. He is possessive; he has no intention of "letting her go." He will come everyday and bang, bang, bang until she opens the door. He told her she cannot go out drinking, even though she told him that she was taking a break from him. He said whatever guy she is talking to, he will send his brother out to beat him up.

I was watching something today about abusive relationships and this struck me as a little odd. I didn't say anything. I don't think he is abusing her, or ever has. I just think he is beyond possessive and that if she really, truly wants a break, she needs to set her boundaries. Who cares if he is banging on the door? Let the neighbors call the cops then.

I know, so much easier said than done. And I know she loves him and part of her wants him to come every day because it shows he still wants to be with her. I know she loves him. And I still support her. And he was always cool when we hung out. But this just doesn't feel right.

I know this isn't about me, but my life has been so good and so boring lately! I don't have much to say! I could write the next part of my life, but none a ya all have read Background #4 as it is!!

Monday, August 13, 2007


I just don't understand. What is it about men? My recently-became best friend just found out her boyfriend is cheating on her. And to make matters worse, the other woman told her. To make them worse than that, he lied about it upon the initial confrontation.

Yes, he straight up lied. It has taken days upon days of her asking, of him denying, of her ignoring - until he finally admitted it. He hasn't confessed to all of it, not yet, but he is still a dog. It is so sad. She has been there for him through everything - when he had cancer, when he was in the hospital - and this is what he does.

What is up with guys? Drugs, sex, (rock and roll hah) - they can't seem to get enough of it, from everyone. Why can't they just be happy with what they have? Is it really necessary to go out and do more drugs or kiss up on some girl?

Or is our fault, the women? Are just too stupid and blinded and naive to think that our men just simply love us and want to be with us and make us happy, when in reality they are screwing anything that breathes? I realize that sometimes great relationships (JW and G) are formed out of affairs, but I feel horrible for my friend who has been living her life in happiness and trust and now this. She is now in the "I don't care" stage which is possibly one of the worst.

That stage - in all its glory - brings about actions of nonsensicalness. But I think that even when we are in deepest stage of "I-don't-care-ness" we really do. There is still some part of us that cares about what happens or what doesn't happen.

All I can do is sit and listen and comfort and offer my words of advice. When she wants to know what I would do, I honestly have no clue. This is one of the first times I don't act like I know what I do - don't proclaim to know everything. Because how many people would have told me to leave Chris? I know cheating on someone is different, but is it that much different?

Besides, I have recognized this in myself so much lately - who am I to judge? I am not going to judge her for what she picks because I don't know what the right way is. If he makes her happy, then good. If he is her "one", then I am not going to fault her. In fact, I don't even have that in my normally judgmental head.

What I am thinking is that I love this girl. And I have absolutely no fricken clue what I would do. After this past year, I am different. I stayed with my addict. No one has the right to judge that. After this past year, I see more clearly that no one will ever fully know why one person stays with another. If he makes her happy, then I am glad she would stay with him.

Either way, she hasn't made a decision yet but she is torn up.

This post is so clearly just a bunch of ramblations but oh well.


I am so bothered! Chris and I are going on vacation, in case all ya' all don't read past posts - and I have been quoted TWO, YES TWO, times as the price to rent the car, my age and all, at 161. $161!! That is insanely good and I have looked, oh believe me, I have looked.

So today, I call that place, the $161 place, and they said, "Okay, after taxes and blahblahblah, it will be $291." $291!? Are you fucking kidding me? That is insane, and I am so fricken' mad about that. Why the hell don't you say $291 to begin with? Why do you lie to me, when I gave you the exact same information last time I called?

Why the hell did you say $161 if you really meant $291?! You get my hopes up and you don't even mean it! That is just wrong!!

Fricken' liars. Why the heck are rental cars so expensive for us 23-year-olds? We are good drivers! Or at least I am, minus that speeding ticket I got 2 weeks ago! So come on!! So fricken' aggravating.