Thursday, June 14, 2007


Chris tried out a new NA meeting on Tuesday this week. Since he is now ordered to attend two a week, he tried a different one that he has never been too. He called frantic, late, looking for the church name. He only arrived two minutes late, and called to tell me that he was not going in - he was late.

I said that was stupid, drove 1/2 an hour, and get in there. He called ten minutes later and told me it sucked. He said no one came and greeted him, no one was friendly, and it was stupid. He left.

I had mixed feelings about this. He only gave it ten minutes! I said that to him, but apparently his other group was extremely friendly and greeted and included him right away.

I do not want him to be uncomfortable or feel like an outsider, but sometimes you have to tough things out at first and it will get better. Life is not always some warm cushy place. And since he has to go to two a week from now on, he is going to have to be a little more persistent in sticking with a place.

He attended another one last night. He stayed through this whole one. We only talked about it for a little but he seemed to enjoy this one more.

It's hard to have him leave two times a week now. It's hard to trust that's where he is. I'm used to him leaving or being gone so often that all trust has vanished.

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kel said...

April, I am the mother of an 18 year old addict/alcoholic. He has just completed a 16 month rehab. He lives with his grandparents for various reasons. He is allowed out for the first time since he entered his program, he is supposed to be attending meetings to help keep him clean. He tried NA, loved it and now decided he hates it. Last night he "supposedly" went to an AA meeting. I am learning to let go a little bit, one day at a time as far as his recovery is concerned. It isnt easy and I dont trust that he actually went to the meeting, but I cant control his disease. Only he can make the decision to stay sober. Have you considered al-anon for yourself?

Peace to you.