Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back from the computer death! I got my new hard drive in the mail over the weekend, and I put it in and my dad's computer guy fixed more problems and now I am back to share all about my last week that has felt like eternity!

I started my new job. It has been all right so far. This training stuff is killing me though! I know it's something we have to do - I definitely need it because I feel so inexperienced. I know I am, but I hate starting new jobs where I feel like a retard. A new girl was starting at the same time as me, and it turns out she's not so new. Truth is, she has been working in SW for years and years - she's just new to the agency. I really hate that. I know nothing. I feel so out of place. I hate change and I hate the feeling I get with change. I feel depressed and like I wish and want to be back at my old job though I did absolutely nothing there recently. Bored out of my mind.

Speaking of y old job, I got a call last night from S. He said he anted to give me a heads up. M, my office manager had a meeting with B. S and I had both quit (long story about S) and she wanted to take this opportunity to talk to him about his behavior. About taking people for granted, and being grateful with the hard jobs people did.

It ended up backfiring in her face. B pulled out a letter - a letter I had written in May, or around there, complaining about M for the way she treated me and Rae. It was at a time where she made me cry and I wrote a letter venting. I had no full intentions of giving it to B. But Rae insisted we do so and she printed it out. I was nervous and unsure, but figured he had a right to know to make any necessary changed. B read it and even criticized when I said one nice thing about M, as if that was too much to ask. The letter was full of evilness and snobbery - a definite letter of venting. And B promised up and down that it was confidential.

Until he changed his mind yesterday apparently and showed or at least told M about the letter and asked why she was sticking up for me and S, especially me, since I wrote this letter. She was caught off guard. It was a huge mess, I'm told, and I didn't appreciate getting a call or crying over this. I don't even work there anymore - I should not have been dragged into it. Also, that was a really fucked up thing to do. I came to him in a confidentiality and I don't care if he felt cornered by M. That was immature and rude.

It made me so mad. I was furious. I wanted to call and yell at him, but S told me not to for now. S, M, Rae and I ended up going out to the bar on Friday night where it came to light how perverted, disgusting, graphic and wrong B was. Which will lead me to my next Cuntface post.

So, that is what I have been dealing with.

But I am glad to be back! I need to go read everyone's and catch up now!


thejunkyswife said...

Glad you're back!

And don't you hate it when people start sloshing their shit buckets all over you? Fuck them.

Recovery Discovery said...

Welcome back.

I'm right with ya feeling like an out of place retard in my new job. I know that my feelings are normal, but knowing it isn't helping the knot of anxiety in my stomache.

I got an email about all the chaos in my old job on my first real day of the new. Part of me was grateful to be out of there, but part of me wanted to be in my old, comfortable, chaotic world.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Whew! Lots going on, huh? Glad your computer is fixed and that you're back. I've been on a little break myself and am just getting back to blogging too.

Amy said...

Rule #1 - Any attorney will tell you: don't put things like that in writing. Ever.
You left a loose end and you expected more loyalty to you than someone had to their own agenda. Mistake.
Take a lesson from this and don't forget it.
A divorce lawyer told my friend this years ago and I took it to heart. He said that his job would be much easier if all his clients remembered that rule!
Good luck w the new job. My stepdaughter is struggling with hers too - tons of paperwork and forms, lots of details to remember, not enough training, very difficult clients. But she is figuring it out and you are too. In a few months you will look back at this and feel like a different person!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back.
That sucks that an old job is still trying to throw shit on your new parade. Fuck 'em.