Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have an interview today, yay!! Finally, finally, FINALLY, in social work with children - the exact reason I went into this field. I am so very excited, but trying to limit myself because I know the chances are slim I will get the job.

They want the new hire to have their Master's degree and I have not yet begun to climb that slope. I wanted to get a job in my field before I went back to school. I am hoping that this is the lead I need, and that even if I don't get this particular job, that other interviews will come my way.

I am so excited about this possibility. This particular job seems like something I would love to do. I hope I impress them with my wonderful friendly skills, and with the little professional experience I do have. I hope they see something in me worth hiring.

I know there are many other candidates, probably some who are much more qualified than me, but everyone has to start somewhere!!

Eeeks!! My excitement needs to be tamed so I am not disappointed if/when I don't get it.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I'm throwing big old good luck vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

Think positive thoughts, it's time for your luck to change. Have faith and it will happen. And I'll say a little prayer too.......

Amy said...

Well, what happened? Just remember, whether you get the offer or not, you are growing just by going through the interview process. In fact, I often advise people to go on a few extra interviews for jobs that might not even be exactly right for them, just to refine the ability to answer those 'interview questions' smoothly. Hope you did great!