Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Weight & Water

Over the weekend, we went swimming every day, and some days before, and I actually lost two pounds! How is that possible in only 4 days? I am sure it is unhealthy. Either way, no need to get excited for me because I have put those two pounds right back on. I think it is pointless to try to lose weight anymore.
My goal was to be back to my normal weight by the end of June. Well that has come and gone and nothing has changed. I am maintaining my weight. It is neither going up or down. Actually, on occasion it does go down, but nothing significant. Either way, I felt good enough to go swimming.

I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes I can be watching TV and a commercial will come on and the ocean will be sprawled across the screen. Of course it is clear water, white sand, palm trees gently waving in the wind, the sun beautiful behind the whole picture. It would never be the ocean that you can't see to the bottom of or a shark looming near by. It is complete serenity. And when I see that, my whole body literally yearns to be in the water, to feel the swooshing of the waves against my body.

Usually, the feeling passes but sometimes I have to gulp down some water. Maybe I'm dehydrated? Either way, I feel better after that.

The point is - water is an incredible thing. Either around you or in you. Just feeling it go down your throat is amazing. And being in it! You feel light, you feel clean, refreshed.

Perhaps the point of this blog was to waste time at work. Hah. But I really do like water. There is nothing that quenches quite like water.

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Married to My Ex said...

The background on my computer at work looks very much like this and there are days that I wished I spoke Spanish because I would relocate in a minute to Playa Del Carmen! I always picture myself living near a beach like this but I cannot find one that I can afford and is not threatened by hurricanes. If you find it let me know!