Saturday, August 25, 2007

Anniversary expectations

Wow. I really suck at keeping you guys up to date on things lately. Actually, not much has been going on.

Tomorrow is Chris and I's first year anniversary. One year of marriage. It is a pretty big deal to me. If only for the reason that I want Chris to celebrate it and pamper it as he has never done before. I don't know if that will happen. He doesn't take clues very easily - or if he does, he doesn't let on that he let on.

I mean, I literally will flat out say "You should do something very special because it is our first year marriage anniversary." And he will say he knows. But the second I say that, I hate myself because I want him to think of something on his own. This must be the classic female scenario. If you don't say something, he might not do something. If you say something, he will most likely do it and then you will think he did it just because you told him to.

Wow. We women really make life so difficult. Hah.

Either way, tomorrow is the big one year. August 26th. We have made it through one year of marriage. It has mostly been tough. I will say that. It has not been easy. Each day is a struggle. And a lot of days I feel like giving up. Unfortunately, the majority of the days, I lose the struggle to be kind. To give the benefit of the doubt. To start to trust. To laugh. I lose the struggle.

It is sad, actually. Because I will get home from work, and I will shut down. I turn evil. And not evil evil, but I close up towards him. I put on my hard shell. I do not have fun, and that is my own doing. Instead of loosening up and joking and enjoying myself, I shut down and don't do any of the aforementioned things. I am cold. I am cold towards him.

It is slightly late and I am slightly tired so I am slightly rambling. But to sum it up. Tomorrow is our anniversary. I will tell you what he does and if he makes me proud.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Happy anniversary. You have had quite a first year of marriage. I hope the years to come bring healing and serenity.

Married to My Ex said...

Happy anniversary. Words of wisdom: if you want something from him, like flower petals on the bed or small notes all over the house, you better tell him. Most guys are clueless and you pretty much will have to do all the work for him. You have to get pictures and circle the items and list out what you want otherwise you end up with his idea of romance: a see through thong and pay-per-view boxing! And who knows what order those two go in?

Married to My Ex
Congratulations. 1 year of many!

Chris said...

Congratulations, I hope the years to come get easier for you both.