Thursday, August 30, 2007

Give me a break!!

Have I ever written about my boss? I don't think I really have. Not the real boss, that is. I have written about my friend the boss, but this boss is nothing like my friend. He is the same person. He has many different personalities.

B has been my boss since February. I liked him since my interview. He is outgoing, friendly, funny - just a fun person to be around. However, he is also the most unique person I have ever met. He is obsessed, in a way that I have never seen, with sex. His life is sex. Now I know there are people out there (I used to be one of them!) who love sex and crave it constantly, but he is beyond normal. He constantly talks about every different kind of sex you can think of. He makes extremely inappropriate remarks, and is a frequent shopper at our local porn shop. He violates the women employees in many ways, but often gives kindly $100 bills "for no reason."

For awhile, I thought he was nice. I thought he was just being kind and compassionate to us poor folks who need money. But I figured it out after awhile that he is basically paying us to stay quiet. Paying us to let him be crude and rude and wrong. He has done so many inappropriate things that I do not even want to mention on here because it is embarrassing and humiliating. Maybe I will mention them on Cuntface.

As I got to know B, he turned out to be nothing like what I originally thought. This is shameful to me because I am usually excellent at reading people and judging them on first impressions. Lately, he has been a real asshole.

He is the owner of the company and has worked with S, my other boss just under B, for the last 15 years. Yet he still does not trust S. S has never stolen, never done anything wrong to B. He is in constant watch over S, checking his timesheets, checking all of his work, and constantly down-talking him behind his back.

My loyalty used to be to B. Perhaps it's because he used to slip me bills, or perhaps it's because I felt "closer" to him. But then I started to work with S. S has become one of my good friends. I see all the work he does. He is not a sexual harasser. Also, I work directly for S.

Yesterday, B came into my office, saw S's payroll (I do all payroll) and complained about it in a not-so-subtle way, yet not-so-verbal way as well. I asked him point blank if there was anything more he would like to see. After typing into his calculator (yes, he is one of those), he said no. He found out all he needed to know - as if he was paying S too much. Let me also state here that this company has no benefits. None. S has never had benefits through this company.

So besides that annoying me, he then proceeded to asked why I had not made S' hours available on the "server" before he left for vacation. We got into a little disagreement then about how I had, they were there, and he just didn't know how to access them. B then went out to ask the computer guy to show him.

I sent him a message stating that I was leaving. And I left. A couple minutes later I get a call from Rae that is saying that he wants the print out of the the payroll. Through a series of events that I will not bore you with, he exploded on Rae about how nothing ever gets done the way he wants. No one listens to him. He then complained to my office manager about how she was not supposed to tell S what he said about S' payroll.

I realize this is getting long and I'm sure it will mean nothing to all of you, but the long and short of it is that he is a huge jerk. He takes everyone for granted, is unappreciative, a micro-manager, rude, and wrong on all sorts of levels.

So today, I was all prepared for a fight. Normally after disagreeing with him for a minute, I will say okay or something to just end it. But I was ready today. I am done being demeaned and disrespected and I was ready to go at it. But he has ignored me all day. It was fine at first, but now I just want to yell at him and get it off my chest. Stop being so immature. We are not 8. We don't ignore. We talk about our problems.

Then again, he has been immature since day 1. What was once his charm is now his downfall.

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Two words: sex addict.