Thursday, August 09, 2007


We sat down after I got off work last night and discussed our finances. We layed out a budget, which has been too long in coming. Then he called credit card companies to see what he could do about setting up a payment plan. It was a huge blessing - combined, two credit card companies dropped over $1500 for us. Not like we are special, but they dropped the late payments and overcharges and interest. I feel like we are not so deep in debt now.

We are still deep, but now it is beyond reasonable. We can pay things off a lot quicker than before. I feel so much better. It was also really nice to sit down and discuss things and handle things like adults. To figure out how much we are taking in and how much we can put out.

The next step is rebuilding our credit and I think that will be much easier than this. We do not plan on using our credit cards unless for emergencies, and now I can't wait to buy a house. My friend's sister has her realtor's license so I was able to look at houses we could afford. It is so exciting even though it is so far away. I can't wait to build that dream - to have our own house, and have our animals there, and get a puppy.

It is so exciting. Even though I do need a new car. Either way, I am so satisfied and happy that we finally got what was looming over my head settled. Now we just have to keep track of when bills are due and how much of it is due.

One baby step though - a giant leap for mankind.


Jenn said...

Hi. I started reading your blog about a month ago, and I really fell in love with your writing. anyway, i know how good it feels to make a budget, and to make one that you can live with. I married into Debt as well, and budgeting is not something I or my husband excel at! Anyway, congratulations on the budget, it is a huge step! just make sure you stick to it!

Married to My Ex said...

Starting small and then adding in responsibilites is the best way to mix your life. Dumping it all in is overwhelming. There is so much accomplishment with doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is. Actaully the harder it is at the time the more rewarding it is in the end! Keep going, you are on the right path.

Mantramine said...


I read JW's post and saw your comment- about no one leaving comments. Where is everyone? Just wanted to let you know that IM HERE, I'm reading.