Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tiny update

Will wonders never cease?! I came home from work last night and he told me that he would not be bringing his friend home from NA because I don't want him too. I asked if his friend couldn't go then and he said, his friend had another ride home. My heart melted because finally, FINALLY, he put me first without a huge argument. He was home early and we cleaned our apartment and watched LOST and spent time together and savored the moment. It was nice. It was nice to finally be number one.

Earlier in the day, my mind reeled with things to write. With updates and backstories to fill you in on, but now, I am content and ready to go home. The long work day is done, he is waiting for me at home, and who knows what the night brings. But I am ready.


Alan said...

I'm glad you got to spend some time together. In early recovery, it's hard to find the balance between recovery & family. After a while, we learn how to integrate the two.

Disclaimer - I'm single, so I have had a much easier time of it.

April said...

Yes. It is difficult, I think, for him to relate the two. But he is getting better and savoring it.