Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Hilton

Yes, I know. Against my better judgment, and perhaps against all sound mind, I watched her last night on Larry King Live.

I have mixed feelings about the entire situation with Ms. Hilton. She is fascinating to me, but then again, most celebrities are. And I am quite fed up about the news coverage she received while her sentencing and jail time went on. But my mixed feelings come in to play about her jail situation.

There are the two sides of course - the crime did not fit the punishment, and vice versa. And I went back and forth on them. I still haven't fully made up my mind, as if I think about this all day. But the thing that was interesting was listening to her.

She talked about how this was such a traumatic experience and that she learned and grew and found herself in the midst of all of it. For awhile, I could believe her. I am sure for anyone it would be hard, but can you imagine the lifestyle she is accustomed to? Most people know nothing of it. All that glamour, all the money you can spend - it's impossible to fathom!

And then being ripped from that and put in a jail cell. I am sure it was quite hard. I know it would be for me and I am not even close to the amount of wealth she is.
But it's 3 weeks. 3 weeks. It really is not that long. And yes, that doesn't make it any more fun, but people spend years upon years locked up. And I got annoyed.

Then she talked about how she just considered herself a normal person. How she was just a normal girl. She talked about how she just learned so much, going through this. And that is when my bitterness poked out its ugly head.

Seriously now, Paris. You are not normal. You are so not normal. You live in a fricken' castle. And learning so much? What will you change now? I highly doubt anything.

I wanted her to walk in my shoes. To walk in my crack addict's wife too-big shoes. To walk in The Junkys Wife shoes. To walk in MPJ's shoes. To walk in anyone's shoes that has been living and loving an addict.

But that is life. That is how the cookie crumbles. She was handed her life on a platinum platter. And who knows what she has been through. Those sex tapes surfacing may have scarred her for life. Who knows.


thejunkyswife said...

I don't want her anywhere near my shoes, my friend. I had this wild, paranoid fear when Britney went to rehab that she or Paris or Lindsey would discover my beautiful, pain in the ass husband and steal him from me. He'd be the perfect fixer-upper-man for an incredibly wealthy, incredibly screwed up celebrity. My husband is oh-so-Kevin Federline. He's Kevin Federline on heroin...hah!

But yeah, Paris is endlessly interesting to me. I used to follow the celebrity gossip much more closely, but I've gotten kind of bored of it lately...I'm done with celebrities in their swanky rehabs and their poor, poor jails.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

You are sweet. But I'm thinking my Birkenstocks are way more comfortable and less confining than her designer pumps. ;)