Thursday, June 28, 2007

PO Last Night

I told you I would update you on the PO meeting yesterday. Well, there is nothing to update. She couldn't find our house apparently, and Chris doesn't answer numbers that are restricted or unrecognized. So he didn't answer her call. He did call back and she returned his call later on that night, and their next meeting is scheduled for July 18th. I'm hoping that since it is so far away, she doesn't suspect him of doing drugs or at least doesn't seem him as one of her problem "clients".

So there is nothing really to report on that front. That's probably a good thing, thought I had gotten myself all mentally prepared to meet her to no avail. Oh well. Some other time.

She said she hasn't checked yet on the results of his mailed in drug test. Weird, right? I'm not quite sure why she hasn't looked. I'll assume all is well.

Work is calling!

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thejunkyswife said...

I'm tired of is hard enough without them .I used to love the PO because I thought she'd keep my husband from using. She didn't. She found him charming. She never made him piss in a cup, not one time. He was on probation for freakin' robbing pharmacies at gunpoint...seems like a little piss test now and then wouldn't hurt anything. Useless bitch....(See my codependent magic! I can make everything everyone's fault except my husband's! At least I recognize it now...but it helps me not strangle him, so I keep it up.)