Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We Will See

The PO is coming today for a house visit. Part of me wants to be there to meet this lady who is going to be running my life for the next 18 months, and the other part wants nothing to do with her. With my luck, I will think she will be gone by the time I get home, and she won't have even arrived yet.

It will be interesting to see what she does. I was talking to my dad about this yesterday - about how some of these people get on massive power trips. She already said to us that "she guesses" she will "let" us move because of our "situation." And what situation would that be, lady?

Power trips are never a good thing in authorities of the law. My dad, and come to think of it, my mom, threw in then how I was a social worker and might get on a power trip of my own one day. Maybe. The fact is that I hate that I have to change my lifestyle for Chris now. My parents constantly remind me that I married him. That it is what I have to do. In reality though, I don't have to. I can keep all the booze I want around the house. Wouldn't bode well for him, but as I read so often, "not my bucket of shit."

Somehow I am on this mindset of wanting to tell this lady that my record is crystal. That I am a good girl. Well, mostly. But everyone knows that will get us no where. Embarrassingly enough, I carted all my bottles of alcohol (not that big of a drinker!) to my parents so Chris wouldn't get in trouble. Now is that love or what?

She will be there at the end of the day today so we'll see what happens.

No, I still have not heard about Chris' strange drug test issue, but I am hoping and thinking that if it were positive, he would have certainly received a phone call unless she plans on telling him today. Don't quite know what to think about that. But, like always, we will see.

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